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Help Us Fundraise For A New Inflatable

SwimNarberth is fundraising to replace its old Inflatable. Unfortunately, we have come to the end of our current one - It can be patched no more

HOWEVER The replacement we are fundraising for is is a New 15M long course called 'The Double Runner'. This inflatable features a whole host of obstacles that will test even the most agile of users.

We start the Double runner with a 2-way spider leg pillar to negotiate, followed quickly by a left and right-hand option. The left-hand option goes into biff and bash pillars whilst the right-hand section goes onto yet more spider legs to negotiate. We then hit another biff and bash section with a dividing wall and a horizontal climb on one side. These sections are designed with a zip zag effect so the users cannot see the easy and hard option until the 2nd time around which is hilarious to watch as a spectator.

Moving on, both sections then meet at a pillar cog section with under and over obstacles to tackle. Be careful though as it really is thinner than it looks. Next up is the netted tunnel crawl which is only suitable for 1 contestant, followed swiftly by the humped back climbing bridge. The climbing bridge is narrow and slippy which again makes life hard for the participants. Once they reach the top, they can enjoy the victory with a slippy slope finale!

We hope once we have enough money to Purchase we will run regular inflatable fun days...

Please help us with our Fundraising efforts...

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