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About Us

Serving our community

Swim Narberth is an inclusive, accessible space, serving Narberth and surrounding areas. The swimming pool was rescued in recent years, having been financially unsustainable in the past. 

Having undertaken many renovations and additions, the swimming pool is now a spacious building, boasting a sizeable pool, fully functional communal and changing areas, in addition to catering space. 

Similarly, the pool now operates on a biomass boiler system, which is more environmentally friendly and commercially viable. The community enjoy a plethora of services and offerings including children's swimming lessons for all abilities, open sessions and other services, including swimming pool parties!

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Our Story

Swim Narberth was formed by the Friends of Narberth Pool in December 2013, after Pembrokeshire County Council announced their intension of closing the pool. After extensive negotiations, it was agreed that the community would take over the pool and as Swim Narberth CIO, the ownership of the business was taken over on November 1st 2014.

Swim Narberth CIO was registered as a charity on 9th July 2015 and is governed according to its constitution as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation by the trustees. It has five trustees who meet monthly, with the Manager, to set policies, determine strategy, input on management decisions and review the operations to ensure they meet the aims and objectives of the charity. All trustees are volunteers and the four founder trustees were appointed for an unlimited time period. Natural turnover of trustees will occur from time to time and a review will be carried out as required. New members will be recruited at need.


The General Committee comprises of the trustees, the Friends of Narberth Pool, pool users, representatives of other community groups and anyone who has an interest in the pool and wishes to be involved. The General Committee raise funds, recruit volunteers and host events in support of the pool. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in July, when reference will be made to future plans and the strategy for the coming year will be agreed.

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